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“Charles Lisa has dug in and chronicled the power of a life of faith under the most dire of circumstances. With an unflinching eye and sound heart, she has shown us how it is to be steadfast and to grow through pain.” 

Marion Roach Smith, Author of “The Memoir Project, A Thoroughly Non-Standardized Text for Writing & Life”

“This book is an example of a compelling story well told. It has a dignity and humanity that shows a woman of perseverance and courage. In spite of all the hardships and unfairness of her life, Charles Lisa has emerged as an ethical human being who has risen above extraordinarily negative odds. I'm certain that readers who themselves may be struggling with adversity will be inspired by her story.” 

Ronald D. Smith, Professor Emeritus, SUNY Buffalo State 

“Charles Lisa challenges you to forgive yourself and others and not allow what has happened to you to block what God has for you. You can’t change where you’ve been, but you can choose where you’re going. This book is a game changer!”  

Rev. Dr. Damone Paul Johnson, Senior Pastor, Metropolitan New Testament Mission Baptist Church, Albany, NY and author of “A Life Worth Rebuilding”

 “This memoir written by Charles Lisa gives insight and hope to families dealing with life situations and circumstances.  She has opened herself to complete transparency and revealed through her own personal experiences how to trust God and allow him to deliver and strengthen all our family relationships. Her freedom to share detailed and sensitive information of her faith journey in life gives readers first-hand knowledge in the world of addiction, its consequences and effects on family relations, and the struggle to find spiritual answers to pain and suffering. A testimony comes in varies ways, but the end result is to tell of God’s goodness and mercy.  Charles Lisa has done just that in her memoir.”  

Rev. Emmett Mixon, Pastor, Community Church COGIC, Buffalo, NY 


“A Product of a Pimp and a Prostitute” is an inspirational memoir about forgiveness written from the point of view of an adult daughter as a letter to her biological mother. Reared by her maternal grandmother - Hazel - Charles Lisa confronts her mother Deborah on her absence in her life growing up and outlines all the limited and negative interactions she has had with her as a child and into adulthood. 

Recalling memories from her youth, Charles Lisa stirs up past feelings of neglect, embarrassment and despair over the knowledge of having a mother with a life-long, criminal record and a debilitating drug addiction.  She tells this story by sharing her experiences, her mother’s jailhouse letters, stories told by her elders throughout the years and, most importantly, her belief in God.

The book’s pivotal moment occurs when the author offers the gift of forgiveness to her mother and demonstrates how her mother and other readers can benefit from God’s forgiveness, self-forgiveness, forgiving others and accepting forgiveness from those who offend them to have a more fulfilling life.  

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